Moving soon!

I am excited to announce that after 2 years at my studio on Southcross Drive that I will be moving to a new studio September 1st, 2012! The new space will be much quieter (no motorcycles on County Rd. 5), and for some it will be closer- only a mile east from my Southcross location. It may not look as fancy as my previous place but it’s going to allow me to make some additional business changes and improvements (stay tuned southwest metro!) It really is a great space- I think you’ll enjoy it too! If you wish to scope out the new location-

14581 Grand Ave. Burnsville, MN 55306

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Ways to Support Your Small Local Businesses

There are many great ways to support the small businesses that need it! They are more likely to stimulate the community, by sharing their time and donating to your causes.

- Review them on Google! Either character reference or your experience with their services. Their new clients care what you have to say.

- Recommend to your friends! A personal recommendation is one of the best ways your friends and contacts will have as great an experience as you.

- Pay for your service or product with cash or a good check. Did you know all card companies charge that small business a fee every time they swipe your card? If you don’t have cash to cover the full amount, pay for the remainder on your card.

- Like Social Media pages! These links can usually be found on their main website, and help spread the word to your friends and family. This is also a good way to connect with those who have similar interests.

- Be punctual for appointments and reservations. Leave early if you haven’t been there before. Less stressful for you!

- If they sell t-shirts or stickers, wear them to the gym, stick them on your car! If they don’t have these things, make the suggestion. If there is a request, they are more likely to try the venture.

- Bring your friends! Treat them to dinner at your favorite local restaurant or massage studio. They may get as hooked as you are.

Small businesses are great for personal and community wide interaction and involvement. Help us help you!

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Fuel For Thought!

In days when we’re constantly on the go, especially in trying to keep up with the fun of summer, grab some true “fast food” that will keep you feeling good, and your body running smoothly. The more basic the better. I am not a licensed nutritionist, I am just reminding us all of what we know to be true, whether we like it or not! So get out there, and live it up this summer!

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The New Site is Complete!

In a world of constant improvement it was time to upgrade my site, with much more information and resources for my clients and friends to utilize. Check it out, let me know what you think, and ENJOY! I look forward to seeing you soon!

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