*All table sessions include a steamed towel treatment and therapeutic grade essential oil aromatherapy.                                                     Buy Gift Certificates:

• Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage

A session customized to your needs, whether just to relax or to relieve muscle
tension and improve circulation and flow. May include shiatsu techniques or trigger point therapy to maximize the session benefits.

30 min = $39
45 min = $56
60 min = $70
75 min = $84
90 min = $99                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   120 min= $130


• Medical Massage (Personal Injury, Workman’s Comp & Auto Accident Treatment)

A session focused on the recovery and rehabilitative process following an injury or auto accident (personal injury, auto cases/claims).

As your massage practitioner, I handle all the billing with your insurance company directly, all I need from you is basic information about your claim and a referral note from a doctor or chiropractor.

*Please note all unpaid balances are subject to a late charge of 20%, per each year balances remain unpaid.*

$48 per unit.

• Chair Massage/Shiatsu

A brief renewal session focused on a specific area.
*Onsite/Offsite for Groups*

$1.25 per minute


• Prenatal Massage

A safe, gentle, and beneficial massage designed specifically for mother’s-to-be.
This service reduces swelling, water retention, and back pain.
*Not recommended in the 1st trimester.*

30 min = $39
45 min =$56
60 min = $70


• Cancer Massage Therapy

Relaxing massage modified to work with side effects of chemotherapy and surgery,
easing pain, anxiety, and nausea. Improving one’s sleep and fatigue.

30 min = $39
45 min= $56
60 min = $70


• Hot Stone Massage

A massage using heated stones in the massage techniques. Perfect in winter or a cold, rainy day.

30 min = $49
45 min = $66
60 min = $80
75 min = $94
90 min = $109