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“Amanda with Relax Massage & Bodywork does an amazing job massaging & her studio is very soothing and welcoming. She provides bodywork as preventative maintenance and has the ability to target injuries. She understands the anatomy and physiology of the human body, a crucial component for working with injuries and helping you reach optimal levels. She knows how to stretch the area to increase range of motion, regain flexibility and reduce pain as well as what techniques to use to reduce swelling and remove knots within the muscles. My shoulder showed marked improvement after our first session. I trust Amanda and the service she provides – she is definitely recommendable. Thank you Amanda for all your help! I will be seeing you again….and again!”

Jenny -May 25, 2012


The most wonderful feeling ever! I needed a massage that would work out the kink in my neck and Amanda did exactly that. The atmosphere was soothing and the massage was perfect. I would highly recommend her and am now a regular customer!

Mickey -Mar 23, 2012


The best massage experience I’ve ever had. My mother gets me lots of gift certificates for different massage therapy places for the holidays, so I’ve definitely had my fair share of massages. The massage I experienced from Amanda was one of the best ever: so relaxing, so tranquil, and so refreshing for a mother of two under two years old! I’m still enjoying the benefits of what she provided for me even days later. My husband even notices how refreshed I feel after my experience! I will be recommending her to all of my friends and family in the area.

Moriah ‎ – Feb 2, 2012
Received a great massage from Amanda at Relax Massage & Bodywork. It was definitely relaxing and top notch. Amanda focused on the areas that needed the most work and provided a tranquil setting for the massage. I highly recommended her!

 Jon ‎ – Jan 10, 2012


Amanda is an exceptional therapist with a dynamic personality. She is warm and caring. Her studio is both comfortable and relaxing. She is a wonderful therapist to help heal your aches and pains. I would highly recommend checking her out. Find out for yourself and book an appointment with her today!

Amanda ‎ – Dec 21, 2011


An experience of relaxation and soothing bliss. I have worked several labor jobs over the past few years and have seen Amanda during those times as she has the know how to relax the muscles and soothe the spirit. I have even done the Ionic foot bath which is great and she really knows what she’s doing, and puts the faith in her other services as well. Her space was relaxing and she has a great presence about her that makes you think, “This is worth it” :) .

 Shawn ‎ – Dec 18, 2011


“I’ve been using Amanda’s massage services for the last two months. The setting is great, love it. Perhaps more importantly, Amanda is very dedicated, focused and professional. The overall experience has been wonderful. I highly recommend her. ”

Matt A.


Warm, relaxing, enveloping, peaceful, and the best massage I’ve ever had!! Amanda managed to work out the “knot” in my back that, without realizing it, has put a frown on my face for months! The massage was a gift from my “sister” friend that I’d come to visit, and what a gift it was! I’m still enjoying the benefits a week later. My only regret is that I have to fly in from Boston to be able to enjoy this more often.

 Meistie ‎ - Nov 14, 2011


OMGosh!! Absolutely amazing! The entire experience was more than I imagined. I just worked two 13 1/2 hour days and was so exhausted from it. I thought after the massage I would be ready for bed. Exactly the opposite for me. I am astonished at how energized I feel right now. I just can’t believe that I can lift my right arm up above my head without the excruciating pain. I also have a cumulative work injury to my left arm/hand and I can feel the circulation benefits of this already! Thank you so very much Amanda for providing such a healing experience. I know I will be back for more! I am addicted to this already. Just imagine an addiction that is good for your mind and body! Incredible!!!

Ellen ‎ - Oct 31, 2011


Amanda was friendly and so flexible. She has done both therapeutic and prenatal massage for me (38 weeks!) I was thoroughly impressed both times. I highly recommend her.

Britt ‎ - Oct 26, 2011


Amanda offers outstanding service. She is professional and highly skilled. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my family members, friends or business associates. You go, girl!

 jojo ‎ - Oct 25, 2011


You won’t find a better place to relax and rejuvenate. She really helps you with all your aches and pains, and simply just to de-stress… I would recommend Amanda to anyone. She will pamper you!

 hugues ‎ - Oct 25, 2011


I tried Amanda’s massage service yesterday. I am very satisfied. The place was clean. She did a great job. Music and the essential oils were nice too. It was a little had locating the office because it looks like a townhouse community but they are all offices.

 PP ‎ - Oct 25, 2011


I have been seeing Amanda since Spring and I can’t see myself going anywhere else. Amanda is an exceptional therapist and her studio is both comfortable and relaxing. You won’t find a better place to heal your aches and pains and I would recommend Amanda to anyone. Find out for yourself. You won’t regret it !

 Mike ‎ - Oct 25, 2011


Amanda really knows her stuff and gives you an amazing massage. She listens to your body and knows where to concentrate her magical hands. She is a great person to know and she will help you heal your body aches and pains. I highly recommend her!

 Nicole ‎ - Oct 25, 2011


Amanda does a great job. Just the right amount of pressure for me, and my son-in-law was happy with his sports massage. It will even be better when she gets a heated table for the winter. Convenient location too…in Burnsville.

 OMA ‎ - Oct 25, 2011


Amanda is very professional, relaxing, and genuine. She listens and does the little things that let you know you’re valued and your business is greatly appreciated. I loved my time there and I can’t wait to go again!

 Andy ‎ - Oct 25, 2011


Amanda is awesome! I’ve been going to see her every 2-3 weeks to relieve upper back tension. She has a very relaxing environment and does a great job at focusing on problem areas. She has a good deal of knowledge about massage therapy is willing to answer any questions. I would recommend her to anyone.

Eric ‎ - Oct 22, 2011


I have been going to Amanda for the last six months. I have found that she has a beautiful studio that has a very relaxing environment. As a massage therapist, she is always able to find the tender areas in my body and help relieve my stress. If you are looking for a massage therapist, I would recommend giving Amanda a try!

 chiroguy ‎ - Oct 4, 2011


Amanda is a top notch professional. I always feel comfortable from the moment I walk in the door till the moment I leave. She is very good at knowing which areas to work on most with me. I visit her as often as i can.

 jenny ‎ - Oct 2, 2011


If you are looking for a comfortable atmosphere and very professional and attentive massage therapist, then I would recommend you visit Amanda with Relax Massage & Bodywork. She makes sure she understands your troublesome areas before she begins the massage and you will feel wonderful after the 60 minutes are over.

 Nikster80 ‎ - Oct 1, 2011


Thank you Amanda for the caring, professional ,relaxing, and effective massage therapy that you’ve provided for me. It’s so nice to find a therapist who listens and whom I can trust. I’d highly recommend your services to anyone in the Burnsville MN area (or outside… it’s worth the drive!).

 Crystal ‎ - Sep 29, 2011


Amanda is a wonderful massage therapist and great business owner. I am a massage therapist myself and thoroughly enjoy receiving a massage from another attentive therapist that knows how to address her clients needs. Her facility provides the client with a great opportunity to RELAX and take care of themselves.

AndreaHHTM ‎ - Sep 27, 2011


I visit Amanda every 4 weeks for a 60 minute massage and she does an excellent job working the areas I have issue with. She works hard to understand my problem areas and always checks with me to make sure the pressure is comfortable. I leave her office relaxed and ready for the rest of my day. I highly recommend Amanda to others that are looking for an attentive and experienced massage therapist.

Bruce ‎ - Sep 26, 2011


I see Amanda once every two weeks for a 60 minute massage. Amanda does a great job in allowing her client to relax and receive a balanced, consistent massage. Her pressure is always precise and consistent. She does a great job addressing problem areas while still giving a full bodymassage. I greatly recommend Relax Massage & Bodywork.

Rob -Sep 26, 2011