What to Expect

What to expect at your first massage:
Please plan to arrive 15 min early to fill out your health history and to allow you to find the location the first time with ease.

Whether you are a seasoned receiver of massage or you don’t know a thing about it except that someone you know said to give it a try, I will sit down with you and go over any health concerns after you fill out a brief health history form, and answer any questions you have. I will then step out of the massage room while you get ready.

What do I wear during a session?
It’s best to remove all clothing (you will be modestly covered at all times), though some choose to leave their underwear on (doing so only inhibits working on the glute muscles). Shiatsu is a clothes on technique. You will then lay either face up or face down depending on what we will be working on (we’ll go over all of this at the beginning), between the two sheets and blanket. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if the pressure is too much or not enough, and I will check in with you during the session also. Your comfort is my goal. At the end of the session I will step out of the room to allow you to get dressed and you then meet me outside the door when you’re ready.

What should I do during the session?
Most choose to close their eyes and relax, some fall asleep even, and some prefer to talk during the session, it is totally up to you, and as your massage therapist I will follow suit. Feel free at any time to ask questions about the massage, to let me know about pressure preferences, etc.

How often should I receive massage?
Many will benefit most from a regular massage every 2-4 weeks. It makes a huge impact on your health, and an enjoyable one at that!

If you have a specific health concern such as back pain or migraines, typically once or twice a week depending on severity.

While I do greatly appreciate gratuities, they are not mandatory by any means. Some will choose to do so if they are pleased with the service, a similar percentage to when you go out for dinner, 15-20%.

An even greater way to show your appreciation is to refer family and friends! Ask me about the referral discount.

I love massage, but I’m on a budget!
I hear this a lot, take a moment to think about everything you spend money on; rent/mortgage, electricity, groceries..things you need, but somewhere on that list is probably things like going to the movies, eating out,  shopping, cable, and so on.

These are all things you choose to do because you like them. If you make a list of everything you spend money and time on, and cross out everything that does not benefit your health, you may be surprised that you do have time AND money for massage. It just becomes a matter of determining the importance of self-care, and keeping of your health.

Furthermore, budgeting for consistent massage therapy sessions is truly an investment in your health, and I offer a few options for those wishing to receive regular massage- just ask!